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Trips are generally available from October – to March.

Often we need to walk quite quickly into the kiwi territory, if we have time we will also explain a little about New Zealand’s history, Continental Drift, Remoteness, Giantism, Isolation, Immigration, Native Mammals and flightless birds.

Once we reach the kiwi habitation, we will listen for kiwi activities.

There is a very good chance that will hear the birds snuffling for food or generally moving around in the bush.

This is a unique trip that takes teamwork, ownership, buy-in to the theory, participation, responsibility and patience. We welcome you if you are prepared to work hard and take ownership of your behaviour.

The trips generally start approximately 1 hour prior to sunset. We are professionals and we expect professional behaviour.

We will hear the bird calling – the very unique sound resonating for miles into the quiet of the night. 

We have a 95% Success in viewing the Kiwi

That success can only be achieved with the buy-in, responsibility and ownership from everybody on the trip. You are directly responsible for the success of seeing a kiwi in the wild.

A clear night will give us a great chance to be guided by the stars of our galaxy and we often get a great view of the Milky Way.

Due to the nature of the tour, the buy-in, teamwork, ownership, responsibility, lateness, and the patience required (lots of standing still), we would not recommend this tour to any child under the age of 12.

Rowi, Okarito kiwi, smallest and rarest New Zealand kiwi, Westland National Park, West Coast, South Westland, New Zealand

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